Second Grade Foundations gives children a broad overview of New Testament events in the order in which they happened. They see the Bible as one story as God reveals His character and His plan in a purposeful way, and they see Jesus at the center of God’s plan for bringing the world back to Himself.

Kid-friendly features include:

  • Archaelogical Dig
    Children discover “artifacts” at the Archaeological Dig (your galvanized tub, large box or wading pool) to initiate creative object lessons pertaining to the Bible lesson.
  • Wall Mural Puzzle
    Each lesson plan has a mural page pattern, shaped like a puzzle piece, to be photocopied and attached to the wall as the class constructs a historical time line.
  • Student Notebook
    Students can build their own Bible event time line in a loose-leaf notebook. Creativity is encouraged as they draw and color the important event(s) pertaining to each lesson.




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