Jesus: His Life, His Times, His Message takes kids on a journey back in time to gain a new perspective on eternal truth. Children will experience a fresh look at Jesus as they see how God reveals His love through His Son.

They will walk with Jesus as He grows up in ancient Palestine, attends synagogue services, and interacts with real people in his homeland––a land of pluralism not unlike our own. They’ll see how God’s message of love shines against the backdrop of the beliefs of the Jesus’ time. And most importantly, they’ll experience Jesus “off-the-page” as he becomes relevant to life here and now, leading them to understand why the Good News is truly good news!

QUARTER 1 $14.99 -BUY

QUARTER 2 $14.99 -BUY

QUARTER 3 $14.99 -BUY

QUARTER 4 $14.99 -BUY







Optional CDs of Readings for class $12.99 -Buy

Click to hear samples and/or download mp3 files.

Kid’s Audio Bible /mp3 $9.99 -Buy


Optional Teachers Reference $13.99 -Buy

Click to download Scope and Sequence for this curriculum.

Download 3s Scope and Sequence

DOWNLOADS/SAMPLES – Click these links to see samples/purchase PDF downloads – $12.99 each:
Jesus Curriculum, Quarter 1
Jesus Curriculum, Quarter 2
Jesus Curriculum, Quarter 3
Jesus Curriculum, Quarter 4










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