If God Is Good, Why Do We Suffer?

Why pain? Why suffering? Why evil? For people who believe in a personal, all-powerful, loving God, the Why question is very real. How do you explain it to yourself? What’s more, how do you explain it to your children, your friend, your co-worker? The Why question is at the core of one of the most powerful arguments for atheists: If God were good, all-powerful, loving and caring, He could stop all this suffering. That means either He’s not all-powerful, or He’s not good, loving, and caring. Therefore, atheists reason, what you call “God” does not exist. Is there a plausible explanation? In If God Is Good, Why Do We Suffer? Karyn Henley presents ten possible answers to this timeless question. She won’t give you the exact answer, she will simply try to lead you to a place of hope as you decide for yourself.



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