Free Bible Curriculum for Ages 2-5

BLS08 page 1

The group-graded Bible Learning Series contains material from the closely-graded PLAYSONGS Bible Time Curriculum in a flexible, non-dated format ideal for multi-age classes, day-care, and non-traditional teaching opportunities.

Each 8-page “folder” is organized by an age-appropriate topic and contains enough material for 4 early childhood sessions, including kid-friendly activities and applicable reproducibles.

Definitive goals are achieved through Bible stories, Bible verses and songs for each 4-lesson unit. Children learn scriptural concepts through activities such as science, story time, music and movement, cooking, art and games.

Available as downloadable PDF only. There is no charge for these lesson plans. They are absolutely free!

(Click on the pictures below to see the entire lesson online, and to download)

BLS01 I Learn About God – PDF
The Bible is a special book with stories about God and His people.

BLS07 Jesus Is God’s Son (Christmas)-PDF
Learn about the greatest gift of all– baby Jesus.

BLS08 God Made Animals – PDF
Learn about the wide assortment of animals that God made.

BLS15 I Give – PDF
God enjoys giving gifts to us and wants us to give good gifts to others.

BLS16 I Help – PDF
Children can help do many things, and God is happy when we help each other.

BLS17 I Say Thank You – PDF
God wants us to say”thank you” to other and to Him.