QUARTER 1 $14.99 -BUY

First Grade FOUNDATIONS gives children a broad overview of Old Testament events in the order in which they happened. When followed by Second Grade FOUNDATIONS they see the Bible as one story as God reveals His character and His plan in a purposeful way, and they see Jesus at the center of God’s plan for bringing the world back to Himself.

Kid-friendly features include:

  • Archaelogical Dig
    Children discover “artifacts” at the Archaeological Dig (your galvanized tub, large box or wading pool) to initiate creative object lessons pertaining to the Bible lesson.
  • Wall Mural Puzzle
    Each lesson plan has a mural page pattern, shaped like a puzzle piece, to be photocopied and attached to the wall as the class constructs a historical time line.
  • Student Notebook
    Students can build their own Bible event time line in a loose-leaf notebook. Creativity is encouraged as they draw and color the important event(s) pertaining to each lesson.

QUARTER 1 $14.99 -BUY

QUARTER 2 $14.99 -BUY

QUARTER 3 $14.99 -BUY

QUARTER 4 $14.99 -BUY







DOWNLOADS/SAMPLES – Click these links to see samples/purchase PDF downloads – $12.99 each:
First Grade, Quarter 1
First Grade, Quarter 2
First Grade, Quarter 3
First Grade, Quarter 4




Click to download Scope and Sequence for this curriculum.

Download 3s Scope and Sequence







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