DEVOTIONS (6 to 10)

Day by Day Devotions is a unique tool to help children establish the habit of daily devotional time. This revised version of God’s Story and Me leads kids ages 6-10 through a new devotional every day. Each day’s devotion includes a suggested reading from the Day by Day Kid’s Bible, a printed excerpt of the passage, a brief discussion, and a prayer. There are also four to five weekly activity ideas. These kid-friendly devotionals engage kids in Scripture in a fun and instructive way.

Day by Day Devotions 2: Designed for kids 6-10 who are too old for picture books and too young for grown-up devotionals, this delightful presentation leads kids through a new Bible reading for each day of the year. Each day’s devotion includes a Scripture excerpt from the Day by Day Kid’s Bible, a kid-friendly devotional thought, and a prayer. Best of all, Day by Day Devotions 2 helps develop a positive impression of the Bible and a spiritual path for children that will last a lifetime.

Sword Fighting: When Jesus was tempted, he reached for his sword––the written scriptures. Now you’ll want to equip your kids with this powerful collection of 52 double-edged swords. Because in the heat of spiritual battle, there is no substitute for the razor edge of scripture. Using the power of scripture memory, this book will empower your elementary-age children to fight temptation and strengthen their character. But is it fun? Absolutely! Sword Fighting can be played alone, with family, with a few friends, or even with a class full of kids! It’s perfect for:
•Family Devotions
•Personal devotions
•Home Bible study

180 Devotions for the School Year! Day by Day Devotions with Jesus in Ancient Palestine helps kids see how God’s message of love stands out in ancient Palestine–a land of pluralism not unlike our own. Also a valuable reference tool for teachers. Filled with fascinating facts about life as a kid in Jesus’ time, Jesus comes off the page and becomes relevant to life here and now. Kids at home or school will understand why the Good News is truly good news! Can be used with most any Bible translation, although each day’s devotion includes a selected passage from the Day by Day Kid’s Bible, along with a kid-friendly commentary.

A Summer of Psalms, for readers aged 6 thru 10. If you were a child in young David’s time, what would you do for fun? What armor and weapons did you see soldiers use? What would your daily chores be? A Summer of Psalms takes children ages 6 -10 into the daily life of a child in Canaan at the time of David, the shepherd boy who became the king of Israel. In an age-appropriate manner kids will understand why Psalms is still the most popular “prayer book” of all time. A Summer of Psalms is an ideal devotions book for use at home or in Christian schools, and is also a great reference tool for educators. We highly recommend this book as a companion to Karyn’s Day by Day Devotions with Jesus in Ancient Palestine.