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  1. Hi Karyn. I took my 2yr old Grandson to a playgroup last Friday and they were playing songs from your “My First Hymnal”. I am wondering if and where I can purchase this collection of songs so that my wife and I can play them for our Grandson. I am living in Australia and my email address is below. Kind regards and many blessings. Keep up the good work. Roger.

  2. We found it on Christianbook.com, but the description says it in not available outside the United States. There may be a publishing rights issue that keeps this material within the US. We also found it on iTunes, so you might check there to see if they will sell it to you. Lastly, there is reliable site that deals in used books and CDs: Alibris.com. We found a few used CDs of My First Hymnal at this link: http://www.alibris.com/musicsearch?keyword=My+First+Hymnal&mtype=M&hs.x=27&hs.y=32
    All the best!

  3. Hello Karyn:

    My son Jesse, who is autistic, has been watching your videos since he was 3 years old. He is now 18 and still watches and sings to your music every day. Thank you for your ministry to children. Sometime I would like to send you a video clip of him singing and dancing to your videos.

    Thank you,

    Allison Benson
    Jesse’s Mom

  4. Hi there. I was wondering if there was a specific Bible to be used along with the folders/ I noticed that Bible stories are listed that are included within that lesson folder but is there a Bible where we find those stories listed? For example in the “I take care of my body” folder 4 stories are listed including; Daniel chooses the right food, and Jonathan eats honey. I know I can find the more well known stories in any Bible but is there one that’s meant to be used with this series?

    • Hi, Kelli,

      Thanks for your question. There is not a specific Bible to be used. Karyn’s favorite full-text children’s Bible is the International Children’s Bible (ICB). Many of the stories in the folders will also be found in the Day by Day Kids Bible, and the Begin-to-Read Bible, but since each of these products was created at different times in Karyn’s long career, no effort has been made to coordinate them.

      Kind regards,

      Ralph Henley, Chief Manager,
      Karyn Henley Resources

    • The 3rd-5th grade materials require reading and writing skills that the younger children will not have. And, the subject matter of the older levels may be less concrete, and more conceptual, than is appropriate for the younger children. But we won’t say a creative teacher can’t make it work. Thanks for your question!

  5. Will it mess up the curriculum if we start using the Fall quarter in the Spring? Are they season specific in any way that would make it better to wait till Fall to begin?

    • Thank you for your question. All Winter Quarters start with the Christmas story, so you will find yourself teaching Christmas lessons in the Summer, if you start the Fall Quarter in the Spring.

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