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bargain-bin-pic-2017-300x240Once in a while we have slightly damaged items that we sell at a discount, at these terms:

  • Supplies are limited. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.
  • First-come, first-served. Orders are filled in the order they are received.
  • Sold “as is” (scratched or dented covers, all interiors are good) – no returns or refunds.
  • Flat-rate shipping $6.95 per order (so load up!)
$3.99 Buy!
$3.99 Buy!

Sword Fighting, First Edition – 37 copies available

1st Edition is a scripture-memory curriculum only, not a daily devotional / covers 36 weeks, to match the school year, not 52 weeks like the 2nd edition / 1st Edition is formatted for 5 days per week, not 7 days as in the 2nd edition / 1st Edition is without quotations from the Day by Day Kids Bible, like are found in the 2nd edition, but it cross-references perfectly to any full-text Bible. So, its short and sweet, yet with Karyn’s trademark age-appropriateness, quality content and fun activities. (click here to download sample PDF of the 1st Edition)

click on the SALE price to order:
BIBLE TIME TODDLERS/TWOS: WINTER    $14.99    SALE $5.99    – 2 copies available
BIBLE TIME THREES: SUMMER    $14.99    SALE $5.99    – 1 copy available
BIBLE TIME FOURS: FALL    $14.99    SALE $5.99    – 1 copy available
BIBLE TIME FOURS: SPRING    $14.99    SALE $5.99    – 2 copies available
BIBLE TIME 5/KINDERGARTEN: WINTER   $14.99    SALE $5.99    – 1 copies available
SECOND GRADE FOUNDATIONS: FALL    $14.99    SALE $5.99    – 1 copies
SECOND GRADE FOUNDATIONS: WINTER    $14.99    SALE $5.99    – 2 copies
SECOND GRADE FOUNDATIONS: SPRING    $14.99    SALE $5.99    – 3 copies

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