Our Streaming Policies

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have begun receiving requests to use Karyn Henley’s songs in childrens’ ministry programs streamed on social media. Karyn and I understand that churches, daycares and play groups are concerned about maintaining their connections with their children, and we want to do what we can to help.

But first, please realize that Karyn’s music is protected by copyright, which means our company owns valuable rights in the songs as “intellectual property.” Therefore we have a responsibility to manage Karyn’s music in such a way that does not erode those rights. From a “feel-good” perspective we’d like to just give the world carte blanche to use our music online, but doing so will diminsh our music’s value over time. To let this happen is not good stewardship. This is why it is important that you have permission to perform our intellectual property on public channels such as social media.

We know it can feel like a hassle to have to get permission, but fortunately, these permissions are automatic for many uses under a blanket license available from the Christian Copyright Licensing Internation, or “CCLI.”

Please know that all of Karyn’s songs are registered with CCLI and we prefer that your use of our music be in compliance with CCLI guidelines, under a CCLI license. Fortunately, most institutions who contact us for permission are already licensors of CCLI. So if your church or school has a CCLI streaming license, all music streamed as part of your service must be performed live by your worship team in your usual place of worship. During the COVID-19 pandemic “usual place of worship” is a fluid term and pre-recorded tracks by your worship team are allowed. For more information, see this CCLI video: https://youtu.be/wxK9udVzhiI

Many of the requests we receive are from childrens’ ministers or daycare directors wanting to use an actual recording from our CDs, or a video from one of our DVDs. In such a case, CCLI cannot authorize the use of pre-recorded tracks or music videos to be part of the stream. However, you may Contact Us directly if you want to use one of the following in your stream:

  • Pre-recorded music (like from our CDs)
  • Videos (like from our DVDs)

If we grant permission for such recordings to be embedded in the stream, your program is either pre-recorded and uploaded to the channel, or you are recording it when you stream live to become an “archived” or “delayed” stream. In such cases the stream can be accessed online later as long as you maintain a CCLI Streaming License.  See https://youtu.be/5f0lJkb5n74

Also, your stream can have lyrics embedded in the stream itself or it can show lyrics in the background (for example, behind a song leader). Make sure to incorporate artist acknowledgements or writer credits for all songs used, and insert it following each song performed within the stream, or on a comprehensive credit page at the end of the entire program. See https://youtu.be/xAKtY9ZrY6Y

Here is an example of a proper copyright credit for one of Karyn’s songs:

  • “L-O-V-E” words and music by Karyn Henley. © 1997 Chatterville Music Co. Used by permission. CCLI License #4382946. All rights reserved.

Our policy is that you insert writers credits even if the lyrics are not displayed. If you use our recording, and/or perform the song live, and/or display the lyrics, giving a copyright credit is always the right thing to do.

If you have questions regarding the use of Karyn Henley’s songs or recordings in your streams, contact us via our Contact Us page.

If you have questions about your CCLI license email support@ccli.com

Peace and Blessings,

Ralph D. Henley, Chief Manager
Child Sensitive Communication, LLC