PLAYSONGS Musicals: “Why do you charge extra for the accompaniment tracks?”

Good question!  And here is our good answer:

Until June 21, 2018, we included an audio CD of the tracks inside the booklet, for a package price of $20 per title. We assembled the book/CD combinations in our office and fulfilled such orders directly to the buyer.

After June 21, 2018, we moved our musicals to a print-on-demand model, where we uploaded our files to Amazon, and Amazon prints the book as it is sold. Very efficient! (And very age-appropriate for Karyn and me. As we get older we do not want to spend our remaining years in the stockroom!)

The only problem with the print-on-demand model is Amazon does not assemble book/CD combinations. So . . . we decided to reduce the price of the booklet, from $20 to $12.99, and sell the audio separately, as a $12.99 CD (which is more like how a traditional church musical publisher sells their musicals–separate price for each component.)

Yes, this does increase the combined price of the booklet and audio from $20 to $25.98. Since we honored the $20 combo price for almost 20 years, we decided our proven musicals are worthy of a slight price increase. And now we are able to keep each title available to be enjoyed by kids, teachers and parents in perpetuity via the internet. We think that is win-win for everyone!

One little historical glitch that needs illumination: in 2018 we did not give ourselves enough time to get the tracks ready for the 2018 holiday season, so we sent out CDs for free. This was temporary due to the circumstances.

To our long-term customers: we say thank you for understanding our making these changes.

To our newer customers who thought the tracks would always be free: thanks for understanding that they are not.

And to everyone who has purchased and performed Karyn Henley’s PLAYSONGS Musicals over the years, thank you for choosing our materials for your programs!

Peaceful and kind regards,

Ralph Henley, Chief Manager
Child Sensitive Communication, LLC dba Karyn Henley Resources