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The young child is self-centered. To a child under three, everything is potentially “mine.” A three year old is beginning to develop a “sens of other.” Some things belong to other people, and other people have feelings, too. This “sens of other” is basic to the concept of sharing. Teach the children that it is good to share. It makes other people happy when we share.

Theme Scripture: 

“Share with others.” Hebrews 13:16 (NIV) Help the children remember this verse by asking them to repeat it after you, copying your movements:

Share (hold right hand out, palm up)
with others (hold left hand out, palm up).

Unit Goals: By the end of this unit, the child should:
• Know that God is happy when we share.
• Want to share.
• Try to share his snack.

Bible Stories
• Abraham’s Guests (Genesis 18:1-8) Focus: Abraham shared food with his guests.
A Widow Shares with Elijah (1 Kings 17:7-16) Focus: A woman shared food with Elijah.
A Boy Shares Loaves and Fish (John 6:1-13) Focus: A boy shared his lunch with Jesus.
Bigger Barns (Luke 12:13-21) Focus: God was not happy with the man who would not share his food.

Art Activities:
-Poco Clay
-Joy Mosaic
-Add-On Picture
-Paper Sandwiches

Science Activities:
-Building and Measuring
-Nature Walk
-Weather Wear

-Giant Cookie
-Apricot Tea
-Vanila Wafer Sandwiches
-Apple Cheesewiches

Music & Movement:
-Partner March
-Two Little Birds
-Old McDonald Shared

-Fly Little Bird
-Sharing Hats
-Teddy Bear Share

This folder is designed to give you the ideas you need to teach a unit about sharing. Mix and match the activities you want with the stories suggested, and enjoy!

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