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One significant fact that a young child learns early is that Mommy is not always present. Daddy is not always present. He may be in the next room at home. Or he may be in his own Sunday school class. Or he may be doing grown-up things while the child is at Grandma’s. Teach young children that God is always with them. They are never really alone. God is taking care of them wherever they may be.

Theme Scripture: 

“God will go with you. He will not leave you or forget you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 (ICB) Help the children remember this verse by asking them to repeat it after you with hand motions. God will go with you (move bent arms back and forth as if running). He will not leave you. (shake head; fist with thumb out moves away from body as if thumbing for a ride) or forget you (point to brain).

Unit Goals: By the end of this unit, the child should:
• Know that the Bible tells us about God.
• Feel secure and loved.
• List some time when God is with him.

Bible Stories
• Abraham Travels (Genesis 12:1-9) Focus: God was with Abraham wherever he went.
Elisha’s Servant Sees God’s Army (2 Kings 6:15-19) Focus: God was with Elijah and God’s people.
The Fiery Furnace (Daniel 3) Focus: God was with Daniel’s friends.
Philip and the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26-39) Focus: God was with Philip wherever he went.

Art Activities:
-Toy Car Painting
-Beach Picture
-Cup Chariots
-Box Bus

Science Activities:
-Paper Plate Clocks
-Going Downhill

-Trail Mix
-Bus Cookies
-Clock Cakes
-Chariot Wheels

Music & Movement:
-I Have a Little Car
-Going to Grandma’s
-God is with Me

-Riding Along
-Packing My Bag
-Chair Train

This folder is designed to give you the ideas you need to teach a unit about God’s presence and care. Mix and match the activities you want with the stories suggested, and enjoy!

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