Introduction to Child Sensitive Teaching

The sign on the wall beside the Sunday school classroom said,

“Teachers are invited guests.
Parents are the real teachers.”

Whether you are the parent or the classroom teacher, the challenge remains the same:  How do we guide our children into a strong and lasting relationship with God our Father, with His Son, Jesus, and with His Holy Spirit?  The question is all about communication.  How can we communicate most effectively?

Teaching is not just dispensing information, it’s touching lives.  It’s not just managing a classroom or a household, it’s uncovering the path to life.  It’s throwing open the doors to God’s kingdom and saying, “Have you met my Father?  Have you met His Son?  Let me introduce you and then, let’s both get to know Him better.”

When it comes to communication, there are many factors for a teacher to think about: curricula, methods, materials, facilities, schedule, co-workers, classroom management techniques.  All of these are important and are covered in this book.  But nothing is as important as the child and your relationship with him or her.  Your relationship with the child will affect all the other factors and will determine the effectiveness of your communication.

So while Child-Sensitive Teaching focuses on understanding the child and his needs, it also deals with preparing your heart and mind to communicate with children.  It also suggests practical methods and techniques to support your communication skills.

I pray that God will go far beyond these black words on white pages.  I pray that God will guide you deeper into relationship with Him and bring to your mind ways to communicate His heart to the specific children you work with each week.  I pray that Child-Sensitive Teaching will be a springboard for your own God-given vision and creativity.

–From Child Sensitive Teaching. See full copyright page.

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