Like a dandelion . . .

Like a dandelion, the child…

  • is full of potential
  • is carried by the winds that influence his life
  • can be rooted and grounded in the soil of love
  • digs deeply into what nourishes him
  • grows quickly and steadily toward what enlightens him
  • can be tenacious, holding onto life with all he’s got
  • can wither if he’s uprooted, or if the soil does not provide nutrients
  • can be resilient, bouncing back from hardship
  • can grow to spread seeds of himself–his ideas–near and far
  • must bloom to become all he’s meant to be
  • sometimes looks like a weed, but is really a flower


“Children need roots to grow and wings to fly. The dandelion has both.”

© Karyn Henley. All rights reserved.

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