“The Hot, Hot Furnace” Re-packaged!

Bible Time Perfect Cover

We are pleased to announce that our preschool musical, The Hot, Hot Furnace, has received a new cover design and is now available for purchase. This title was the first preschool musical we published in 2000, followed in subsequent years by 9 more titles, to comprise our PLAYSONGS Musicals for Preschoolers Series. We admit that the covers of the first editions of our musicals are a little light on design value, and even though that fact has not deterred innovative teachers from using them, we recently made the commitment to redesign each cover to make our musicals even more appealing. We are working our way through the series, with this retelling of The Firey Furnace from Daniel 2:46 – 4:3 being the fifth to be redesigned.

The concept for our preschool musicals was conceived by Karyn Henley’s creative assistant at the time, Sheri Smith Bertolini. Then, in collaboration with Karyn, the series was refined and expanded, with The Hot, Hot Furnace being the first release, followed by L-O-V-E, an Easter musical, and To Bethlehem, for Christmas. Additional titles in the series were created by either Sheri, or our long time office manager, Kristi West, and all co-written with Karyn over the next 9 years to bring the total in the series to 10.

Our strength as a publisher has been our understanding of age-appropriateness, and our PLAYSONGS Musicals for Preschoolers is no exception. Age-appropriate features include:

  • Multi-sensory experiences, because preschoolers learn best by doing and using all their senses
  • Short duration for their short attention spans
  • Simple lines, songs and actions to insure that all the children can participate successfully
  • Minimal props, sets and costumes that can be created easily from materials normally found in school supplies (optional)
  • Preparation time that can be accomplished during normal class time without special rehearsals
  • Enrichment activities, to reinforce the Bible story, making it an adaptable mini-curriculum

Plus, the design of our musicals gives the greater share of the storytelling responsibility to the teacher or adult volunteer who tells or reads the story as the narrator, giving vocal cues to the children throughout the play.  The children learn short responses to these cues, so that the musical is performed in a responsive reading fashion.  Many of the cues are repeated throughout the story, which helps the children learn and remember their lines more easily.  Actions and movement enhance the children’s spoken parts.

Ideal for church and school programs, and VBS.

Bible Time Perfect CoverThe Hot, Hot, Furnace
A creative retelling of the story of three brave men from the Old Testament– Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Includes CD with accompaniment tracks and sample performance.

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