Featured Folder: “God Made My Family”


Young children like stories about things that are familiar to them. They are curious and want to explore and learn more about what they see every day. Their families are a very familiar part of their world. Teach the children that God made families and planned for us to be part of a family. Some children may not have a traditional family with a mother and father at home. You can ask them who is in their family. Be encouraging and positive even though their family situation may not be ideal.

Theme Scripture: “As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 (ICB) Before you teach this verse, talk about what it means to serve. It means to obey and help. Ask the children, “What are some things we can do to obey and serve God?”

Unit Goals: By the end of this unit, the child should:
• Know that God gave us our families
• Feel thankful for his family
• Thank God for his family

Bible Stories
• Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel (Genesis 2:18-23; 4:1,2)• The Twins: Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25:21, 24-26)
• David Is Anointed (I Samuel 16: 1-13) Focus: God gave Isaac and Rebekah twins in his family.
• The Birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:5-25, 57-66) Focus: Zechariah and Elizabeth were old, but they were still part of a family.

Art Activities:
-Cup Family
Cookie Cutter Print
-Family Portrait
-Shoe Print

Science Activities:
-Big Shoes, Little Shoes
-Animal families
-Family Mystery Bag

-Gingerbread Family
-Pizza Faces
-Grandma’s Biscuits
-Family Cookies

Music & Movement:
-I Have a Little Car
-Going to Grandma’s
-God is with Me

-Riding Along
-Packing My Bag
-Chair Train

This folder is designed to give you the ideas you need to teach a unit about family. Mix and match the activities you want with the stories suggested, and enjoy!

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