Historic Beginner’s Bibles (sold out)

00 Front CoverThe original Beginners Bible, by Karyn Henley, illustrated by Dennas Davis, was published in 1989. It was in print for about 15 years, selling several million copies and published in 17 languages. It has been out of print since 2004 but we have 32 new copies in our stockroom that we are releasing for sale, just in time for the Christmas season.

Because we consider these books to be historically significant, rare for their condition, and of  limited quantity, we are selling them for a premium price of $24.95 each, limit of 2 copies per credit card billing address, non-returnable. We will only ship to the United States. Once they are gone, they are gone.

The original Beginner’s Bible contains 95 timeless children’s stories, written in easy reader style — Including These: – A Big Picnic (Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand) – Long and Strong (Samson) – Best Friends (David and Jonathan) – Trumpets and Torches (Gideon) – The Most Special Baby (Jesus is Born) – Fish for Breakfast (With the Risen Jesus) – A Secret Message (Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dreams) – A Basket Boat (The Baby Moses) – Wind and Fire (The Day of Pentecost) – Money in a Fish (Peter and the Taxes) – The Chariot of Fire (Elijah and Elisha) – Spending the Night with Lions (Daniel’s Faithfulness) – Lost! (Jesus in the Temple) – Helpers and Friends (Jesus Calls His Disciples) – Inside a Fish (Jonah) – A Room on the Roof (Elisha and the Shunemite Woman) – The Angel’s Secret (Gabriel Visits Mary) – Surprise (The Resurrection) and many more.

You can see a few sample pages below.



One thought on “Historic Beginner’s Bibles (sold out)

  1. My daughter (now 27 years old) received A Beginners Bible when it was first published. She soon had the stories and Bible characters memorized! So glad that there are still a few available!!

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