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HummingbirdWe are hot and muggy here in Tennessee.  The only creature moving very fast is the hummingbird flitting around the red and purple blossoms of my flower garden.

If you are involved in any way with Bible study or Sunday school, right now you are probably starting your Fall program, and you’ve recruited or are in the process of recruiting teachers. If you are thinking about providing teacher training, you might consider the book Child Sensitive Teaching and the Child Sensitive Teaching Training Guide. The training guide contains the highlights of the book in the form of bullet points, charts, and handy tips.  It’s fully photocopiable for teacher training and addresses issues like “Young Children -What are they Like?,” Behavior Management,” “Story Telling,” “Time Management for Teachers,” “Parents as Teaching Partners,” and “Play – The Key to Communication,” among other topics.

CST1_150_Drop2Several Christian colleges use Child Sensitive Teaching as a text for Christian education courses. Written according to my teaching philosophy, it’s meant to be a sensitive look at how we can teach to the way children learn. I show how faith develops from birth through older adulthood (yes, it includes adults – because I want to address not only the child’s needs, but yours as well). I also discuss behavior management, storytelling, communication, and scripture memory. It’s a handy reference book to have in your library regardless of what age you teach. Useful for parents, too.

So . . . stay cool!  And I wish you all the best as you move into this new school year.

Karyn Sig



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