Getting the Big Picture of the Bible

The Christmas of 1960, my parents gave me my first grown-up Bible, a big, black, full-text, red-letter edition King James. I was eight. I found my King James to be a strange, but intriguing book, full of begets and begots and thus-saith’s and tongue-twisting names. But it was all mine, and I read it. Yes, by two years later, I had read it completely through.

Fast-forward thirty-some-odd years. I had a degree in education, and I was well along in a career of writing for children. It dawned on me that when children “graduated” from the preschool or easy-reader picture-book story-Bible, we adults presented them with a full-text Bible in traditional order. Most children would carry this Bible proudly and begin to read it. But when they got to the hard parts, they closed the book. Even if they read it, it seemed to be mostly a collection of unrelated passages. Their first impression of the “real” Bible was that it’s hard to read and understand. Sadly, that’s often not only their first impression, but their last.

DBD_Solo_150I realized that children needed an intermediate step, a bridge, an overview of the complete Bible arranged in chronological order, that is, in the order the events most likely happened.  That’s what the Day By Day Kid’s Bible is. It’s written in words understandable to a young reader, who will find in it every book of the Bible, abridged, but in an order that makes sense and reads like the ongoing story of God and His people. Prophets are in their historical settings. Jesus’ life is told in order from His birth through His ascension.

What’s more, the Day By Day Kid’s Bible is designed in a format that encourages kids to read seven minutes a day so they can read through this Bible in one year. It is not a look-up-chapter-and-verse study Bible. It is a paraphrase, arranged in chronological order, in second-grade language, created for the purpose of helping a child to enjoy reading the Bible, at an age when he or she is ready to comprehend it. It is my hope that the Day by Day Kids Bible will help a child establish a lifetime of Bible reading.

By His grace, to His glory,


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