Appreciate Childhood

Children need people who appreciate the fact that they’re children. Our society pressures kids to grow up quickly. But God made children to grow and mature according to a general pattern, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. No amount of pushing and pressuring can change that. It’s a process.

We can manipulate kids by getting them to dress like grown-ups and talk with grown-up words, but that doesn’t mean they are more grown up. Their appearance and speech may fool some people, but an underlying immaturity will surface. The outward signs will be out of step with the inner, God-given growth pattern.

How can we show children that we appreciate their age? How do we show that we accept them on their level? We provide material they can use and activities they can do successfully. We choose child-sized furniture and equipment for our classrooms. We make our teaching relevant to their age level and interests.

Happy Teaching!

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