With the theme of “Let’s Thank God,” each lesson is filled with simple, age-appropriate activities and songs to help children 18-months thru two years understand and enjoy the goodness of God.

Bible Time is Child-Sensitive.  Because Toddler-Twos are naturally attracted to sensory experiences and action, PLAYSONGS™ Bible Time utilizes methods using Music and Song, Rhymes, and Explore-A-Bins™ which tap into a child’s natural desire to touch, feel, taste and smell.

Bible Time is Teacher-Friendly. Each teacher’s manual includes more than enough material for 13 one-hour Bible class sessions. As with all of Karyn’s curriculum, the elements of each lesson are flexible and readily adaptable for Sunday school, Bible club, family devotionals or any other setting.

Bible Time Trains Your Teachers. No time to train volunteers? No worries! Bible Time trains your teachers as they teach. By following the instructions in each lesson, the teacher learns age-appropriate ways to communicate with the age-group they are teaching.

Bible Time is Economical. Lesson activities utilize readily available materials–no student workbooks, resource kits or lesson sheets required. A convenient index includes a week-by-week list of materials needed. Costs just $1.15 per lesson!




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