PLAYSONGS Accompaniment Tracks

CD.Generic_150We have accompaniment tracks available for all 6 of Karyn Henley’s PLAYSONGS CDs for preschool children. Your kids can sing along to Karyn’s songs in live performances without Karyn’s voice. Perfect for school and church.

pl-ladybugs_solo_150TRACKS ONLY: FIVE LITTLE LADYBUGS $20.00

pl-giggle_solo_150TRACKS ONLY: I FEEL LIKE A GIGGLE $20.00

pl-kitchen_solo_150TRACKS ONLY: KITCHEN BAND PARADE $20.00

pl-station_solo_150TRACKS ONLY: DOWN BY THE STATION $20.00

pl-grow_solo_150TRACKS ONLY: GROW, GROW, GROW $20.00

pl-treasures_solo_150TRACKS ONLY: TINY TREASURES $20.00
Tiny Treasures • Little Red Wagon • Special Chair • Wiggle Your Fingers • Daffy Daffodils • Little Yellow Duck • Friends • Setting Things in Order • Stone Soup • Grizzly bear • Nothing Is Impossible • Praise Him, Praise Him