Getting the Big Picture of the Bible

The Christmas of 1960, my parents gave me my first grown-up Bible, a big, black, full-text, red-letter edition King James. I was eight. I found my King James to be a strange, but intriguing book, full of begets and begots and thus-saith’s and tongue-twisting names. But it was all mine, and I read it. Yes, […]

Seven Tips for Teaching Three Year-Olds

Let’s look at some basics about three year-olds: 1.  Threes don’t understand the flow of time. For a three year old, the time from one Sunday to the next seems like an eternity. This age child doesn’t string together, in time order, the Bible stories told from week to week. When you say, “A long […]

Seven Tips for Teaching Sevens

In my last blog I talked about teaching six year olds. By the time those children turn seven they have changed a lot. Equipped with insights about this new stage you can continue to teach them with confidence and effectiveness. So let’s look at some basics about sevens: 1. Seven year olds understand the flow […]

Appreciate Childhood

Children need people who appreciate the fact that they’re children. Our society pressures kids to grow up quickly. But God made children to grow and mature according to a general pattern, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. No amount of pushing and pressuring can change that. It’s a process. We can […]

Preschool Musicals for Easter, Year-End Programs and VBS

With Karyn Henley’s PLAYSONGS™ Musicals, preschoolers become acquainted with a spiritual theme while learning a short, entertaining musical (10 to 15 minutes in duration). Includes more than enough material for four, one-hour Bible class periods. Also may be adapted for a one week VBS program. Ideal for ages 2-5.  Each musical includes: – easy-to-follow illustrations […]